People helping horses, helping people

Our charity is built on the mutual respect and compassion between people and horses; from donors, legacy pledgers and adopters, through to our team of dedicated staff, volunteers and supporters, we all share a common belief that Horses deserve to live happy and peaceful lives and value the incredible trust and companionship that they bestow upon us

Horse Rescue

HorseWorld rescues neglected, mistreated and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys, saving the lives of up to 100 animals every year.

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Discovery Courses

Discovery Courses can help young people with self-growth, confidence and concentration issues - and of course the horses love the attention too!

Read about the aims and science of the course here

Rehome a horse

By rehoming a horse from us, not only are you giving a rescued horse a second chance at finding a loving, forever home, but are also helping to free up crucial space at our yard, allowing us to rescue more horses in need of our help.


Chance came to HorseWorld in 2010 as a yearling. He was part of a group of 36 very young and unhandled ponies that were extremely...



Phoenix came in to HorseWorld in 2008 after being rescued by the RSPCA. His mother was found dead on site having perished from mal...



Berry came to HorseWorld in July of 2020 after she was discovered to have been living in a family’s garden in the area surrounding...



Rayne was born on site in February of 2017 in the middle of a storm. Her mother, Minty, was rescued just 6 months previously after...


Donate today to enable us to continue our work

Our work is funded entirely by donations from people like you. With your support we can rescue the horses who need us the most.

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Sponsor a horse

HorseWorld's Sponsorship scheme is a fantastic way of contributing to the work of the charity, and you could have a new best friend for life!

(Previously known as the Adoption Scheme)


Jubilee was born at HorseWorld after her Mum was rescued. She's a placid girl with a loving attitude.


Benjamin & Bluebell

These donkeys arrived in 2005 they originally came from the New Forest where they faced an uncertain future.


Bambam and Buttons

Bambam and Buttons are the best of friends! Their mums, Elsa (Buttons) and Pebbles (Bambam), were rescued by HorseWorld in Septemb...



If you haven't already... meet Patty!Patty the amazing painting donkey was rescued in 2005 from Romania! Patty is one of the donke...

Win up to £25,000!

Win up to £25,000!

Each chance to win costs just £1, with at least 50p going directly to HorseWorld. Even better, if you win the jackpot of £25,000, HorseWorld will receive £2,500!

Meet our Horses

Meet our Horses

Meet the animals of HorseWorld, from horses looking for a new home to those you can adopt, our special Discovery Course horsers and our long-term residents!

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