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Some are so weak they can hardly stand. Others are so thin their ribs can be easily seen through their unkempt coats. Those who have been abused are so frightened it can take many months for them to trust even the lightest touch from a human.

Regardless of their past, we give them a safe, secure and loving future.

Are there many more horses who need our help

Our work is funded entirely by donations from people like you. With your support we can rescue the horses who need us the most. We can make them as comfortable as possible, whilst they get the emergency veterinary care they need.

Only then we can begin the slow, gentle process of giving them time so that their personalities can start shining through. Our expert welfare teams monitor them closely for any long-term health conditions which may appear as they start to heal and regain their strength.

When the horse is ready, and not a moment before, our training team starts to get involved in their development. With their expertise they can start to work with the horse; whether re-gaining their trust in humans, helping them to learn to be safely lead and handled, or their first experience in having a rider on their backs.

Ideally as many as possible will find their forever homes with new, loving families. But in some circumstances they will live out their days as permanent members of the HorseWorld herd.

Yes – we’re there for the emergency rescues, and always will be. But we need your help to make sure that we can continue to be there for the horses in our care for the months, and sometimes years, after their arrival.

There are several ways that you can make your donation, but whichever way you choose and however much you give, you will make a difference to a horse or pony that needs you.

How does your donation help?

Ways your donation will help

We can’t change a horses past – but with the support of people like you, we can give them a better future.

Thank you for supporting them and giving them a better future

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Rudi Pearce Pearce9 hours ago

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Pam Page1 day ago


Hannah Evans3 days ago

As a fellow equestrian, and best friend to Michelle Holland (Bella & Emily Author) we have long supported the absolutely amazing work you do. Instead of sending out Christmas Cards to my wonderful clients, I have instead chosen to donate the money I would have spent, to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the lives of so many horses, ponies, donkeys so much better and giving them the care, love and support they justly deserve. I know this year has been super hard on all of us, but I know wonderful people like you have been some of the hardest hit. Keep going, the lives of so many more wonderful creatures depend on you! I very much look forward to being able to visit next year!!!! Warmest wishes, Hannah Evans Time For You Eastbourne & Sussex

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Melanie Over3 days ago

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Julian House House4 days ago

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