Meet Jay the yard cat

In 2013 HorseWorld asked Bristol Animal Rescue Centre, for their cat in the greatest need, and Jay has been a resident at the farm ever since. He was approximately a year old, very small, had part of his tail missing and some health issues. As if that wasn’t sad enough, people hadn’t wanted to rehome him just because he was a black cat and they thought he was unlucky!

Jay takes his job very seriously and likes to help with taking care of the horses in all kinds of ways. Most days, you can find him in the hay barn supervising the grooms making hay nets, observing long reining skills in the arena, and taking notes during important health checks. He does let his fur down sometimes and enjoys sitting by the fences watching the horses play in the fields.

Jay also likes to help with the horses’ paperwork and will try to take the grooms pens while they write, often leaving his pawprint signature on very important equine welfare papers!

When it comes to food, Jay's heart (or should we say stomach!) lies with any tasty feline treat he can get his paws on, and in particular ham sandwiches on special occasions. He will eat all the ham first and then lick the butter off the bread!

We think Jay does a wonderful job as a yard cat and is an essential part of the HorseWorld team.

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All about Jay the yard cat

  • 23.06.12
  • Cat
  • Male
  • Black
  • 27cm
  • Available