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About the rescued horses here at HorseWorld

HorseWorld's Herd

At HorseWorld our horses live in small, carefully balanced groups or herds to support their mental and physical health. Horses are social beings and by living in a herd, our horses are given a safe and stable environment where they can build bonds with each other and establish their own social hierarchy, allowing them to feel calm and mentally balanced. Horses that have learned to communicate and behave through social interaction with their herds are often more equipped to communication with other species and, especially, with humans.


Horses in our herd now benefit from HorseWorld equine welfare methodology


Horses were rescued in 2022 who are now in the safe care of the HorseWorld team


Foals were born at HorseWorld in 2022. They will never know the neglect and suffering their mother's had to endure.

Statistics 2022


Britains horse problem report

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Welfare statistics 2022

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