Our Rescue work

We regularly take calls from members of the public concerned about the welfare of a horse or donkey in their local area. In many cases we are able to provide support over the phone, but in some situations, we will visit to evaluate the welfare concern. Although we do not have the legal power to seize an equine in distress, we work in collaboration with organisations such as the RSPCA, local authorities and the police. When a horse is in a desperate situation, needing to be seized and removed immediately, HorseWorld are there to provide that safety, expert care and guarantee a safe home for life.

Sadly, there are many other reasons a horse may end up in need. Sometimes we find horses who have had loving owners, but something has happened that resulted in them being unable to care for their horse. This may be through the death of the owner, or diagnosis of a terminal illness, or perhaps a difficult financial situation. In addition to receiving calls from concerned members of the public, we are also contacted by people who, despite their desperate situations, still want to do the best for the beloved horse.

Concerns from members of the public could vary from an elderly horse that is being left out without a rug on, to a horse collapsed and is dying of starvation. Whatever action we are able take, we will do our best to offer advice and escalate the investigation with the highest priority if needed, to prevent further suffering.