Worried about a horse?

Here's what you can do.

If you have concerns about the neglect, cruelty or abandonment of a horse, donkey or mule, we will do our best to help. 

If it is an emergency, please contact the Police and RSPCA as we do not have field officers and may not be able to respond as quickly. 

Some examples of an emergency might be:

  • A horse involved in an accident causing injury.
  • Blood loss
  • Severe lameness
  • Colic
  • A trapped horse (caught in a fence for example)
  • A horse which is loose on a road or public highway

Please note: this list of emergency situations is not exhaustive; if you think it’s an emergency but not listed, please call the Police and RSPCA. If it's not an emergency please fill out the form below. If you are outside our area, we will put you in contact with an equine charity closest to you.

Report a welfare concern

Use this form to report a non-emergency welfare concern to us and a member of HorseWorld staff will get back to you.

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