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Transform the lives of rescued horses with a gift in your will

Two thirds of the horses at HorseWorld thrive here because of gifts in wills. These special gifts mean our equine herd live in peace and dignity in a beautiful natural environment. After you have provided for your loved ones, a gift in your will to HorseWorld is a wonderful way to celebrate your life as a lover of horses.

If you’re considering a gift, thank you. Any size gift can make a difference and can transform the lives of rescued horses, ponies and donkeys throughout Bristol and the South West. Amazing people like you make saving their lives possible.

HorseWorld offers a free will service for our supporters. You can create or update a simple will, free of charge, in person with a solicitor or by using an online will writing service.

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How gifts in wills save horses’ lives

HorseWorld has been saving horses and caring for them with expertise, compassion and dignity since 1952.  The very first gifts in wills to HorseWorld purchased the land which provides sanctuary to over 100 rescued horses. Ever since then these gifts have provided food, shelter and the very best veterinary care for all the horses, ponies and donkeys who come through our gates.

"When you include a gift in your will to HorseWorld you’ll be providing my team and I with the resources and expertise we need to rescue horses, ponies and donkeys across Bristol and the South West."

Sarah Hollister, Head of Equine Welfare

Our dedicated Welfare team are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to save sick, mistreated and neglected horses. We work alongside the police, fire and rescue services, local authorities, vets and other charities to rescue equines throughout the region.

Rescued horses often need intensive care to survive. Our expert team, with support from on-call vets, work around the clock to save their lives. Recovery can take weeks or months. Watching a horse finally joining their new friends in the fields is the best sight in the world. Thank you to all our supporters who make this happen.

"I hope HorseWorld is able to continue rescuing and looking after horses and ponies like Minty. If I can play my part by leaving a gift in my will then that means the world to me."

Danielle from Gloucestershire rehomed her pony Minty from HorseWorld and has included a gift in her will.
  1. Frequently asked questions about gifts in wills at HorseWorld
    1. Can I choose how my gift is spent?

      Most people include their gift to HorseWorld without specific conditions so that it can be used where it is needed most and will have the greatest impact. It can be hard for us to know presently, where that will be 10, or 20 years ahead.

      However if there is an aspect of our work that is special to you or you have a particular desire for your gift, we would be very happy to discuss the options available. We will always do our utmost to abide by your wishes.

    2. Can I have something with my name on it at HorseWorld?

      Yes. When HorseWorld has received your gift we would be very happy to put up a small plaque with your name and a message, to be displayed in our small but perfectly formed memorial garden which overlooks some of the ancient farmland. You can choose what it will say yourself and we will store this information on record, or if you prefer you can let your executors and/or loved ones write it for you.

    3. Do I have to tell you I’ve included a gift in my will?

      You don’t have to tell us if you’ve included a gift in your will – we respect that it is your private decision. We would love to be able to thank you, and occasionally run special events onsite for people who have included gifts in their wills, when we know they have done so.

    4. I want to include a gift in my will to HorseWorld. What are the charity’s details?

      Our registered charity details are:

      HorseWorld, Delmar Hall, Staunton Lane, Whitchurch, Bristol, BS14 0QL

      Registered Charity No. 1121920 in England and Wales

    5. Isn’t it better to give donations now rather than leave them till later?

      Both are great and donations now are very much welcomed. Many of our supporters who have included a gift in their will also sponsor a horse or give donations to HorseWorld in their lifetime. For others, a gift in their will is the first donation they make.

    6. What will my family think?

      Your loved ones always come first in your will. Many people make sure that their gift to HorseWorld – and any other causes you are passionate about – comes from whatever is left after all your gifts to your family have been made. In this way, including a gift to HorseWorld doesn’t stop you from looking after your family and friends in your will.

      We find that most families are proud of the gifts their loved ones leave to HorseWorld, and are well aware of their lifelong love of horses. We are very happy to welcome families of people who have made this special gift to HorseWorld, to see what makes the place so special and to remember their loved one in our memorial garden. To visit, contact Jenny on or call 01275 893026

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