We need your help to raise £10,000 towards vital equipment to enable our Welfare Team to manage and treat an increasing number of feral horses arriving at HorseWorld*.

Why we need your help.

HorseWorld is home to more than 100 horses and donkeys, predominantly rescued from welfare situations, with over half arriving from seizures where HorseWorld has worked in collaboration with other welfare charities and local authorities.

Our HorseWorld herd is currently at capacity and the calls keep coming in asking for our help.
 The economic climate has left many horse owners struggling to pay general care and feed bills and HorseWorld have seen an increase in abandoned and neglected animals. Many of the cases where HorseWorld are asked to help are large numbers of animals are abandoned at the same time.

In these situations time is often of the essence and the ability to be able to handle these terrified equines quickly and with the least amount of stress is paramount.

Above: Feral ponies at HorseWorld getting used to being gently handled by humans.

Below: In 2023, we received 60 welfare reports, that’s an average of 5 a month. This year, we had already received 27 welfare reports in the first three months of 2024!

We desperately need to renovate the isolation unit to include a bespoke holding pen which will allow feral horses to be treated in a safe environment for both horses and the HorseWorld team whilst showing respect and consideration for the horse. Biosecurity is crucial at this time and we need to protect the rest of the HorseWorld herd and keep new arrivals in an isolated holding unit.

We prefer our new arrivals to become accustomed to being handled before they need veterinary examination, but on occasions we need to urgently intervene to provide emergency treatment soon after arrival. This is the equipment we need to be both effective and efficient in our treatment of these bewildered animals.

This system will mean they can receive the necessary treatment quickly and calmly allowing them to move to another area of the farm to continue their rehabilitation once their quarantine period is over. This will prevent the whole system from becoming “bed blocked” which reduces our intake capacity.

Below: The Isolation Unit where we'd like to build a bespoke holding pen to enable feral horses to receive urgent veterinary care..

*The amount needed is likely to be more than the £10,000 target we've set but if we can raise this amount, it will be a huge help towards the cost. Any funds raised above what is needed will go towards the costs of caring for and rehabilitating over 100 rescued horses here at HorseWorld.


Please will you help buy the equipment for unhandled horses receive the urgent veterinary care they need.