Feed the Herd

You can help us to keep over 100 rescued horses warm and fed this winter

We're striving to raise funds for the substantial quantities of hay required to support over 100 horses, ponies, and donkeys. Your generosity could ensure their warmth and comfort this winter. Whether you consider making a one-off donation or perhaps, a modest monthly contribution, every bit counts towards this meaningful cause.

It breaks our hearts to report that HorseWorld has witnessed a sharp increase in the number of abandoned horses across the South West this year.

This winter, we are desperately seeking support to provide these horses with the sustenance they need to keep them happy and healthy. Our equine welfare team has been inundated with calls from owners who can no longer afford to care for their horses due to the economic downturn and the soaring cost of feed.

It's hard to watch as some owners, operating on a shoestring, struggle to keep up with the demands of horse care. HorseWorld is doing everything we can; however, we are already operating at capacity, and the increasing costs of feed are taking a toll.

Our farm in Whitchurch, Bristol, currently cares for over 100 horses - the heatwave in spring meant that the normal grass supplies were sparse, followed by the rain downpours which flooded land and now we face the inevitable expense of having to feed forage through the winter months. 

We appeal to you to help us "Feed the Herd" and continue to care for the rescued horses, ponies, and donkeys this Christmas. Your generosity can make a world of difference for them.

With your donation, they will have warm bellies and comfortable shelter during the harsh winter months. Your support will ensure that those who have suffered from starvation in the past will never have to face hunger again. Even those with medical conditions preventing them from eating grass, such as laminitis, will have an ample supply of hay to munch on.

£5 will help us buy one bale of hay, £10 will help buy two bales of hay whilst £20 will ensure a Shire horse like Lolly receives hay every day for a week. 

Any funds raised over the amount needed for hay will go towards costs such as feed, bedding, vets fees, dentistry, farriery and other costs associated with the care and rehabilitation of these rescued animals, many of which have risen in recent months. 

Many of our rescued horses have endured immense hardship, but with caring supporters like you, we can provide them with a life full of happiness, contentment, and security.  Together, we can give these majestic animals a brighter future free from suffering and neglect.

Feed the Herd

Feeding a herd of over 100 rescued horses through the winter can be a big task. By giving either a one-off or a monthly donation, your help will be greatly appreciated.