Meet Grace

**We are looking for a specific type of home for Grace. Please carefully read the information below and watch the video for more information**

Grace arrived at HorseWorld in 2016 along with a 2-year-old colt called Pilgrim. They had been taken in by B&W vets due to their poor condition, and Pilgrim had multiple wounds on various locations of his body. Both horses received all the care and attention they needed and made full recoveries.

Initially Grace was very nervous of people, and it was clear she had received very little to no handling in the past. However, with consistent and patient training, she has come on a long way and now loves to be around people. Grace’s confidence has come on in leaps in bounds, but she can still be a little nervous when being handled. This is mainly stimulated by the environment around her; she can get more stressed and reactive in a busy and noisy environment, so requires a confident and competent handler. We have fully investigated Grace’s sensitivity, and believe it to be behaviour related, but this has improved over time, and she is much less sensitive than she used to be. Grace is to be rehomed as a non-ridden companion only and is unable to be ridden due to showing signs of neurological issues (suspected Shivers) but is more than happy and capable of being somebody's field companion.

We know Grace has a kind heart, and in the right environment and with the right person, could make a fantastic and loving companion. Grace needs somebody who is understanding of her behaviour and is willing and able to spend time building a relationship with her. We are looking for a specific type of home for her; a home that is quiet and has a calm atmosphere. One where she will always have a friend by her side and never be left alone, and with a competent and confident handler that is willing to spend time building a relationship with her.

We understand Grace has a few quirks but really think she has the potential to be a wonderful and loving companion for somebody. Please watch Grace’s video below, and if you think you could provide the right type of home, please do either fill out an application online using the ‘Apply for me’ button below, or get in touch with our Rehoming team on 01275 404710 who will be more than happy to discuss her in more detail and answer any questions you have.

All about Grace

  • 31.03.15
  • Thoroughbred X
  • Female
  • Black
  • 14.3hh
  • Non Ridden Companion
  • Available

Loan fee for Grace is £60