Rehoming a rescued horse

Our rehoming process is in place to ensure that we match up the right horse with the right home to help achieve a successful loan.

We aim to rehome to permanent loan homes, and look for loaners willing to take on this commitment.

Step 1 – Check out the horses we have available for rehoming

All of our horses available for rehoming will be advertised on the website, although we may have a few that are in the process of becoming available and are not yet advertised. If you are unable to find a suitable horse on our website, or are unsure on who would be the best fit, please fill out a generic application form and our team will try to find you the best match. At this stage, please carefully read through our Rehoming Terms and Conditions to understand how our loans work and what you would be expected to cover for the duration of the loan.

Step 2 – Apply online

If you think one of our horses would be a good match for you, you can begin the rehoming process by filling out an online application. When filling out an application form, please provide as much information as possible to give us the best chance of finding you the right horse.

Step 3 – Assessment of Application

Upon receipt of your application, the Training and Rehoming team will assess the application and be in contact in due course to discuss any horses that we feel might be a good match. We may need to ask a few more questions to help us find you the right match, or may suggest other horses that we feel might be more suitable. At this stage, we will provide you with the horse’s Risk Assessment and Veterinary History so that you know as much as possible about any potential candidates.

Step 4 – Viewing

If we have any horses that we think might be suitable, we will invite you in to come and meet them. This allows you to get a better feel and understanding for the horse, and help make the decision as to whether they are the right horse for you. We will also ask for a reference from an equine professional, such as a farrier or vet.

Step 5 – Initial Home Visit

If after the viewing you decide that you would like to rehome a horse from us, we will carry out an initial home check of the location that the horse would be kept at to ensure that the home is suitable and safe.

Step 6 – Rehome!

After the initial home check has been completed, we will arrange for you to take the animal home! If you are unable to arrange transport, our team can deliver the horse for an extra donation to cover the cost of fuel and staff time. Loan packs are sent with all rehomed horses, which include; the horse’s passport, key information about the horse, our loan guide, and important dates for vaccinations, worming, farrier etc.

Step 7 – Home visits

When an equine has gone on loan, we perform ongoing home visits for the duration of the loan term. The duration between these visits will be determined by our Loan Home Visitor. Our team are always on hand to help with any questions/queries in between visits.