Meet Cowslip and Barnaby

Cowslip (the gorgeous grey) arrived at HorseWorld in 2005. Barnaby (the handsome brown) joined her in 2011. They live together with a mule called Tilly and despite getting on very well, Cowslip is definitely in charge. This duo will often be found outside sunbathing during the lovely weather.

Barnaby and Cowslip avoid the rain as much as possible, as unlike horse’s, donkeys do not have waterproof oils in their hair. Although their coats are warm, donkeys need constant access to shelter and waterproof rugs during the winter to prevent them getting soggy and cold.

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All about Cowslip and Barnaby

  • 01.03.05
  • Donkey
  • Male
  • Grey and Dark Brown
  • 10hh
  • Available