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Over the course of 2020, we ran our Safe Spaces Appeal which is now closed. We have raised enough to purchase the cushioned rubber flooring needed for our rescued horses.


With your support we can now begin the first stage of making our stables the Safe Spaces our horses desperately need, with the installation of new rubber flooring in the main stable areas.

It’s a comparatively simple solution, but one that will make a huge difference to the lives of our recovering horses and donkeys. Your generosity will mean our stables can be the Safe Spaces our horses need and your kindness will be felt by the hundreds more rescued horses and donkeys who will pass through our doors for many years to come.

Any funds raised above the amount needed for the flooring will be used in the same way as general donations therefore funding the care and rehabilitation of the rescued horses. The ongoing and inevitable costs such as vets bills, hay, bedding, feed, farriery, dentistry, worming, vaccinations, replacing vital equipment and so on which are such an essential part of the charity's work.

You can rest assured that your donation will help to create a brighter and more comfortable future for horses, ponies and donkeys that have been dealt a rough hand in life and deserve so much better.

If you missed this appeal but would still like to donate to HorseWorld, your donation will be very gratefully received on the general donations page

We will keep you up to date and show you pictures of the new flooring in use in our newsletters. To sign up, just use the box at the bottom of this page.