Lolly's operation

Lolly is a 5-year-old, 17.2hh Shire horse who came to HorseWorld as part of a big rescue operation involving 19 Shire horses. She was part of the same group as Dime who you may have read about in Dime’s Story (

Lolly has a problem. One of her molar teeth is coming through twisted. Even in the short space of time this has been happening it has created a gap which becomes packed with food and is causing infection. The vet has temporarily plugged the gap with putty but the tooth needs extracting.

As she’s young and so big, Lolly will have to go to the veterinary clinic to have this carried out. Due to her enormous size (which could cause complications with the anaesthetic) and as the tooth is young, it will have a big root so it will likely be around £3,000 for her to have this operation in the safety of the equine hospital.

With over 100 rescued horses on site, you can imagine our vet bills are pretty huge anyway. This is on top of all the day-to-day care, feed, treatments, equipment etc and all of the outgoings that are associated to running a busy rescue centre which total £1.2 million every year.

Donations towards Lolly’s operation are very gratefully accepted. Any funds we raise that aren't spent on her surgery will go towards the care of the other rescued horses here at HorseWorld.

Above are options to donate a monthly amount which will go on to help all of the horses at HorseWorld or a one-off donation (select from the tabs at the top of the blue box).

£750 raised towards our target of £3,000

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Kathryn Tudor1 day ago

I love horses and support Horseworld whenever I can. I think you do the most marvellous work with cruelly neglected horses and donkeys. Many thanks to you and all your team.

£2.00 +£0.50 GiftAid

Joan Wilson 3 days ago

Just want to help, iI wish I could give more. I love horses and your organisation is a charity I support when I can. Good luck Lolly I'll be thinking of you

£10.00 +£2.50 GiftAid

Carol Dibbens3 days ago


Rupert Pearce3 days ago

For Gypsy, a big shire who gave us years of entertainment

£100.00 +£25 GiftAid

Mandi Martin3 days ago

I love horses and I know how expensive vet care can be.