Remembering HorseWorld Trust in your Will is an extraordinary thing to do and a wonderful way to celebrate your life as a lover of all things equine.

Without the kindness and generosity of people such as yourself, HorseWorld Trust simply wouldn’t be able to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the large number of horses, ponies and donkeys and mules who come through our gates every year.

Since 1952, HorseWorld has been working tirelessly to ensure the best life for equines in need. It is our mission to create a future where no horse, pony, donkey or mule is denied the fundamental right of welfare: we believe that every equine should have a suitable environment in which to reside, a suitable diet, the freedom to exhibit natural behaviour, and to be protected from pain, suffering, injury or disease. Our legacy of care began in 1952 as the Bristol Home of Rest for Horses. Soon after we became known as the Friends of Bristol Horses Society and are now recognised under the registered title of HorseWorld Trust. The welfare of horses has always been the beating heart of our charity and with the help of our selfless supporters, we aim for this to continue beating strongly into the future. Everything we do is for the horses, and we could not have achieved anything without you, our devoted supporters.
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Ensuring a safe future.

HorseWorld is entirely funded by voluntary donations. Two-third of our total income stems from Gifts left in Wills. Without voluntary donations, it would be impossible for us to provide shelter, food and veterinary care to the 100+ vulnerable horses on site and the thousands more waiting for our help going forward. By thinking of us in your Will, you are enabling a beacon of hope for animals in need.

Like you, we care about protecting horses from cruelty and want to encourage first-class standards of welfare to all horse owners. We see first-hand the transformation that good veterinary care, a healthy diet and a safe environment can make on a horse and are lucky enough to witness how public donations make this possible. Your gift will ensure we can turn this possibility into a guarantee for the foreseeable future.

Keep your passion for horses alive by making possible the ongoing care and support for hundreds of equines in the South West.

“If my gift can help just one other pony like Minty and give that pony the fighting chance that Minty was given by HorseWorld, I would smile down beams of sunshine from my cloud in Heaven!”

You can make a lasting impact on horses’ lives. Danielle did just that when she offered a rescue horse a ‘forever home’.

Danielle, a former Solicitor turned Dog Groomer from Gloucestershire, rehomed Minty from HorseWorld in 2018. She has had a passion for equines from a young age, remembering how she used to feed a neighbour’s Donkey when on holiday in Spain. Danielle recalls how equines were a calming influence in her hyperactive childhood, and how she was instantly drawn to them at animal attractions. This led to her acquiring her very own equine herd and re-homing Minty from HorseWorld.

A gift of any size can make a difference to a rescued horse, we are so grateful for our amazing supporters like Danielle, who together are ensuring a safe future for hundreds of equines.

To find out more about how you can leave a gift in your Will, please email our Legacy Officer on or call 01275 832425, thank you.