The Hay Appeal

Please donate to help us to ensure that the 104 rescue horses, ponies and donkeys we have onsite at HorseWorld are well fed.
Hay is essential to a horse's diet, but it's an expensive business to keep a yard the size of ours (180 acres) well stocked:

One small square bale costs £3 - £5 which lasts approximately 2 days for one horse. (This is averaging it out as we have so many different sizes of horses. A shire sized horse will eat a whole bale to themselves in a day when there is nothing else at all to eat but for a Shetland it may last 4 or 5 days.)

A large round bale which is equivalent to approx 10 small bales costs £25 - £35 (this can vary depending on the quality of grazing it was cut from) so the round bales are more economical when they are available.

On behalf of all the staff, volunteers and animals at HorseWorld, thank you.

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