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HorseWorld’s Discovery Courses bring rescued, rehabilitated horses together with young people who are typically outside of mainstream education or find it difficult to learn in a formal school setting. Those who are referred to Discovery can have complex needs ranging from special educational needs and requirements to problems surrounding emotional wellbeing and behavioural challenges.

Working alongside rescued horses in an outdoor environment gives the young people an opportunity to excel in a way they have been unable to do in a structured school setting, developing their confidence, communication skills and self-esteem.

“Before Discovery, I couldn’t leave the house. I didn’t know what to do.” Discovery student, Sophie

Left; Gunner on arrival at HorseWorld Below; Gunner as a happy Discovery horse.png

The horses that work with the Discovery students have all come from rescued backgrounds and were facing very uncertain futures before arriving at HorseWorld. Many rescued horses have previously been cast aside, neglected or abandoned. They have never received the love and attention they deserve. These horses show a great appreciation of their new lives in the centre of the young people’s attention.

Just like our students, each of our rescued horses has its own unique personality – each with the ability to respond in a nurturing and supportive way. This makes the horses at HorseWorld the perfect, natural companions for the incredible work carried out by Discovery.

“Thank you for not judging me and for always giving me a safe space” Discovery student, George**

Before the Coronavirus crisis, a study showed that 1 in 8 young people aged 5-19 were diagnosed with some form of social, emotional, or mental health disorder.* After the events in the last year where they have missed many months of schooling, social interaction and faced unprecedented situations that even adults don’t know how to handle, this number is expected to rise dramatically meaning there could be many more young people struggling to settle in the classroom.

The Discovery horses love being the centre of attention and really missed the young people when schools had to close. Each horse tunes in to their handler and subtly seems to respond to what they need in that moment. This, in turn has a calming effect on the horses. So when the sessions literally had to stop overnight, we saw the change in them. They really seemed to be missing our students, and just weren’t themselves.

Each year, Discovery welcomes over 200 young people through its doors, all with very different stories to tell

Wouldn’t it be incredible if Discovery can help even more young people and more rescued horses to have a future with clear direction and focus, a positive purpose in life!

If you donate to HorseWorld’s Discovery Courses today, you can be a part of this life-changing program, offering a safe space and an exciting new future for both the young people and the horses and ponies that work with them.

From the horses and the children, THANK YOU for your support!

To find out more about Discovery, click here

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*Source: NHS Digital; “Mental Health of Children and Young People in England 2017” Published 22nd November 2018.

**Some names have been changed for data protection reasons.


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