Dime's Appeal

Heavy horse enthusiast Martin Clunes, of ITV’s Doc Martin, has lent his voice to Dime’s Appeal.

By supporting Dime's Appeal, you are giving a rescued horse a new purpose in life.

To help us fulfil her new role as a working Shire, we need to supply her with the proper equipment so she can work safely and comfortably. Dime's immediate future is here at HorseWorld, where she will be trained and worked (along side our more modern machinery) to help manage areas of the 180 acres our rescue yard is based on. For now, we need to give Dime the best start to her working life and to do so, she needs to be fitted with the correct equipment.

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Watch Dime's journey so far, narrated by the brilliant Martin Clunes:

Please donate to Dime's Appeal by clicking here.

  • £3 could buy a sack of carrots
  • £5 could pay for fly spray to keep the midges off Dime while she works (as she has no tail!)
  • £10 could pay for the long ropes we use to long-rein Dime when training her to use a harness
  • £12 could pay for the equipment to keep Dime's harness clean and in good working order
  • £15 could buy a heavy horse headcollar
  • £25 could buy a sack of feed balancer (a vitamin and mineral supplement)
  • £50 could pay for a chiropractic treatment for Dime
  • £100 could pay towards Dime's hoof trimming over the winter months. (She needs a trim every 6 weeks)
  • £200 could pay towards Dime's hay supply for the winter, she gets through a bale a day when the grass is sparse
  • £250 could pay for a harrow for Dime to pull
  • £300 could pay towards any veterinary bills Dime may incur. The vet is routinely assessing her while she is being trained.
  • £1,800 could pay for a four-wheeled exercise cart for Dime to pull
  • £2000 could pay for Dime's harness and fitting costs

Together we can give an abandoned horse a new life.

Dime’s Appeal was created to enable HorseWorld to purchase the equipment needed to bring Dime into work and to maintain her upkeep including hay, feed, vet bills etc. The charity currently provides for over one hundred rescued horses onsite and requires ongoing funds to maintain its high levels of care.

Dime’s rescue was funded by donations from the public and HorseWorld continue to rescue more horses that are just as desperate. Many of these we cannot publicise due to legal reasons surrounding their rescue. Funds raised from Dime’s Appeal will also go towards the next horses that need the charity’s help. Her success will aid their rehabilitation too.

Watch the updates below and keep coming back to see more videos added as her training progresses to the next stage...

Dime's training video below shows some of her progress using a cart borrowed from Trainer, Jonathan Waterer.

Update 1st November 2019 - We've bought Dime her own harness and harrow! See the video below.

Below; Dime features on Bristol Local TV!

Adoption packs make great presents. To adopt Dime please click here

Dime's Past

In November 2017, HorseWorld teamed up with 5 other equine rescue organisations to rescue a large group of abandoned Shire horses. During the 15-hour rescue operation, all 19 horses were successfully removed and taken into the care of the charities.

Three of them were taken back to HorseWorld. An elderly mare named Florin, a young filly named Lolly and a slightly older mare named Dime.

Assistant Welfare Yard Manager Vicky Greenslade said, “Dime is the healthiest of the three but she has had her tail docked to almost nothing so she cannot relieve herself of the flies that pester and bite horses during the summer months. The bone has been amputated right up to the top. Some hair may grow a bit but without the tailbone (which would normally be about the length of your forearm), she cannot lift or move any hair that might grow and therefore cannot move it enough to swat flies".

Please donate to Dime's Appeal by clicking here.