An Alternative to Wedding Gifts

Congratulations! You're engaged!

Your wedding day is up there with one of the most special, memorable moments in your life. Many couples follow tradition and sign up to gift registries for home wares to set them up for their new life together. However, nowadays many couple have already set up their homes and furnished their houses long before marriage occurs. If you fall into this category and are not in need of crockery sets and guest towels, why not do something extraordinary with your position and provide your guests with the opportunity to transform the lives of equines in need?

Instead of asking for gifts from your guests, why not ask them to make a donation to HorseWorld on your behalf?

An easy way to collect donations is by setting up a JustGiving page. This way you can personalise your page, show your guests why HorseWorld is important to you and how their help can change the future for rescue horses. Make sure you share the link on your invites, wedding website and on social media. The more visibility your page gets, the more funds you can raise.

Thank you and good luck!

If you need any help or alternative ideas for how you can help HorseWorld through your wedding, please get in touch: