70th Anniversary Appeal

Abandoned … but saved by good people like you

Can you find it in your heart to help a mistreated horse like Twiglet? We hope you can. Because good people like you have been helping us rescue horses for 70 years. Will you make a donation of £20 now? Enough to feed a rescued horse like Twiglet for a week?

Twiglet was found in the middle of the night, left for dead by the side of the road with broken bones in his back and neck. Our Head Veterinary Surgeon said,

‘The injuries are consistent with a blunt trauma. My guess is that this horse has been severely beaten over the back and neck with something heavy, for example a metal bar.’

Thanks to the kindness of people like you, Twiglet was saved. Your £30 donation could go towards an X-ray for another injured horse while a Special Anniversary Gift from you of £70 could help pay for emergency surgery.

However much you give now, please know you are helping to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home mistreated horses – and for this you have our sincere and grateful thanks.

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Sharon Jordan1 week ago

So very proud of the work you do, thank goodness for you and your team

£70.00 +£17.50 GiftAid

Lynda Baker1 week ago

For Twiglet. How anyone could be so cruel is beyond me. Thank you HorseWorld

£20.00 +£5 GiftAid

Anonymous1 month ago

Anonymous1 month ago


Anonymous1 month ago