Sponsor me: Gunner

Meet Gunner, the Black Beauty of HorseWorld!

Gunner came to HorseWorld in early 2013 after being rescued from neglect. He was extremely underweight, scouring and had untreated rain scald.

Over the summer of 2014 Gunner came into work and was backed reasonably easily and began hacking out. Unfortunately he suffered with consistent lameness and strength issues and after investigations with the vet and chiropractor the sad decision was made to turn him away.

Gunner is a very friendly with people and is a good with other horses. He is currently being trialed as a Discovery pony and is proving to be a superstar. Has been re-assessed for ridden work and the physiotherapist and has been given the green light to re-start ridden work. He is now happy having a rider on and has started hacking out on the roads, he is very confident with the Discovery children and proving to be a superstar!

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