Great Horses for Health Hi-Vis Jacket

Gunner Relay Rosette Tabard (6).JPGBuy a HorseWorld X Great Horses For Health Hi-Vis Jacket

In accordance with Rule 51 of the Highway Code we recommend wearing hi-vis clothing when riding, leading or driving your horse at any time of day, season and in all weather conditions, regardless of whether you are on or off the road. It is not advisable to go out with your horse in weather when there is poor visibility or at night.

When you wear hi-vis clothing on the road it makes you more visible to other road users and can give them time to react which could save the life of both you and your horse. Hi-vis should not just be worn on the road, but also off road too. Research by the Ministry of Defence has shown that recovery helicopter pilots could see a rider in hi-vis gear up to half a mile sooner. It also means that in the unfortunate event that a rider is thrown from their horse they could be seen more easily in open countryside.

This Hi Vis Jacket carries the HorseWorld and Great Horses for Health Logo. Horses for Health is a fundraising initiative set up during lockdown to raise awareness of how horses can help with our mental health and well being whilst raising money for 7 equine Charities. To find out more about Horses for Health visit