Rehome Me: Twilight

Twilight arrived in June of 2017 with several other miniature ponies. Unfortunately, the group quickly showed signs of muscular and liver enzyme problems, believed to be either due to their unique colouring and DNA or from consuming something toxic. Since then Twilight has received lots of veterinary care to improve her health but she does need regular check-ups to ensure her health and enzymes levels remain normal.

Twilight needs specific diet management to help keep her fit and healthy. She is prone to weight loss so her diet and grazing need to be carefully monitored to keep her at a healthy weight of around 150kg. Her diet must consist of low protein/high fibre and may need supplementation through the winter to help her maintain weight.

Twilight also suffers from weak stifles so would ideally need to live out 24/7 in order to maintain mobility in the joints. She does require her hind feet to be kept trimmed relatively short to prevent putting extra strain through the joint. She is happy to live out and can be in a mixed herd of mares and geldings. During the summer she wears a UV fly mask due to her unique colouring to protect the pink skin around her eyes and nose from burning, however she is quite clever and is often found with the mask on the floor!

Twilight is a lovely mare but she does occasionally pull grumpy faces towards her handler! She can be a bit of a ‘diva’ and does not always want to be fussed if not on her terms. Despite this, she is good to do in all ways and would benefit most from being on a home where someone can give her all the attention that she needs and keep up to date with regular vet examinations.

Suggested loan donation: £60