Rehome Me: Solomon

Solomon was rescued from Avonmouth in August 2016 after being barricaded away on his own with no water. He was incredibly thirsty and had nasty untreated wounds on his muzzle and right hind leg which needed intensive veterinary treatment. For a big, young stallion Solomon was always the perfect gentlemen to treat and his wounds healed well. He was then gelded, before enjoying time out in the fields with his new friends.

There was concern that Solomon might have lasting soft tissue damage from his leg injury, however, he was cleared by the vet and the chiropractor to begin training for ridden work in May 2017. He took well to his training and built up to confidently hacking out and doing sessions in the school. Sadly however, he started showing signs of intermittent lameness and following veterinary investigation was found to have sacroiliac issues; likely due to overwork at a very young age, prior to his rescue.

Solomon is now looking for a home as a non-ridden companion and as he is happy to stay alone for short periods of time, could make a good friend for a ridden horse. However, Solomon would not be a suitable companion for a mare; as he was in a herd when he was a Stallion, he is only able to be turned out with geldings. Solomon is a very sweet boy who is easy to do but can be slightly wary of people he doesn’t know to begin with. He is happy living out all year round or spending short periods of time in the stable.