Rehome me: Rayne

Rayne was born on site in February of 2017 in the middle of a storm. Her mother, Minty, was rescued just 6 months previously after being found trapped under a lorry. Rayne was so small when she was born that she had to wear a dog coat as there were no rugs small enough for her! Rayne was a confident and cheeky foal; she was very inquisitive and adventurous (and still is!).

It was hoped that Rayne would make a ridden horse one day, but sadly she presented with physical issues after beginning the initial stages of ridden work. After thorough veterinary assessments, Rayne is ready to be rehomed as a companion only. This gorgeous, loving mare is now looking to find her forever home.

Rayne is a very friendly horse and loves nothing more than to be fussed and groomed! She is always the first to greet you when you walk in the field. She can be a little bossy towards other horses, but will be told by a more dominant mare. She currently lives out 24/7 but would settle into a routine of being stabled overnight etc. She is still young and can be a little spooky when leading, but settles and is much happier in a consistent routine. Through the summer she is kept on mildly restricted grazing, which is then increased, and extra forage (hay) added through the winter.