Rehome me: Pearl

Pearl came to HorseWorld in 2019 as a yearling along with 3 other horses, including her mum Queenie. They were allowed time to settle in before Pearl was then weaned. Pearl was assigned a 1-2-1 groom who spent lots of time building up her trust and improving her confidence around people. She began learning the basics of handling and picked everything up very quickly.

Pearl has recently begun the initial stages of backing and has taken everything in her stride. She can lunge, long rein and has worn a saddle and bridle. She is now ready to continue her education on a loan home where we hope that she will make a fantastic ridden pony. Please note, Pearl has a rider weight limit of 9 stone (including tack). She can be a little sharp, and is still green and learning, so would be best suited in an experienced home for a lightweight adult rider/confident teenager.

Pearl is a wonderful girl that is full of life and character (she gets this from her mum!). She is good to handle and will happily come in alone and with company. She is good to catch, groom, lead, pick feet out etc. She can sometime be a little cheeky, so we are looking for somebody confident and competent to take her on. She currently lives out 24/7 and can live with both mares and geldings. She generally sits higher up in the herd dynamics and will boss other horses around if they'll let her! She does require mildly restricted grazing throughout the summer months to prevent weight gain, and is currently on a small feed of light balancer and chaff once a day.

Videos available upon request.