Rehome me: Nova

Nova came to HorseWorld in 2015 as part of a large group of feral ponies. On arrival she was extremely nervous of people as had received little/no previous human contact. Nova underwent a very long rehabilitation process, in which took many months of consistent, patient handling to gain her trust and increase her confidence of being around people.

Nova has improved tremendously since then, and is now able to be caught, have her feet picked out, be seen by the farrier, vet and dentist. She is still quite nervous of new people and situations so does require a patient, quiet handler to allow her time to build up her trust and confidence. She is the type of horse that would thrive on a loan home with an experienced person where she can really build up a relationship with them.

Nova is happy to live out all year round but is prone to weight gain so does require restricted grazing through the spring and summer months. She is quite agile and does not respect electric fencing but we have had no problems with her when kept in post and rail fenced paddocks. She also has mild sweet itch which she can wear a fly rug to help but is something that does not cause her many problems.

Nova needs somebody who is understanding of her past and can give her all the confidence that she needs.