Rehome me: Dixie

Dixie was rescued in 2010 after being found living in awful conditions. She arrived as an extremely nervous, neglected youngster. Through very careful rehabilitation, Dixie blossomed into the fabulous little mare that she is today. You would never of guessed the horrible neglect that this poor mare had been through so early on in her life.

Dixie eventually went on to become a ridden pony, but unfortunately suffered with a few lameness issues which resulted in needing an operation on both hind legs in 2019. She recovered well but is therefore now retired and looking for a quieter life as a non-ridden companion. Dixie has been rehomed a couple of times, but sadly always returned through no fault of her own. We would love to find this special girl a forever home.

Dixie is generally easy to do and good to handle. She may very occasionally try to have a little nip but is usually very well behaved. She gets on well with other horses and can live with both mares and geldings.

Dixie is prone to laminitis and is sensitive to grass so must be kept on very restricted grazing, and/or have access to a grass-free area. Due to her size/breed, she is also prone to weight gain so must have her diet carefully managed. Dixie can get quite attached to her companions so must not be left alone.