Rehome Me: Lexus

This pretty Welsh mare came into HorseWorld in August of 2015 as part of a large group of feral ponies at roughly a year old. Lexus was definitely one of the more inquisitive girls of the group and was most interested in investigating people. Once able to begin handling, Lexus very quickly made progress and has transformed into the friendly, loving pony that she is today.

Although Lexus can still get nervous with new challenges, she looks to her human for confidence and support and really does love learning new things. She will always be a very sensitive little mare but is proving that she can be brave if given time and patience, and will thrive even more as soon as she builds a trusting, consistent and 1-2-1 relationship with a handler.

She has recently been doing some in-hand groundwork training which she has really enjoyed, and once she gets over her initial anxiety she learns quickly. Working in and around poles on the ground, as well as over tarpaulins, and starting to be comfortable with going through small spaces slowly and calmly, have all proved that she would benefit hugely from a home which would keep her brain active!

Due to her breeding she is prone to weight gain so requires restricted grazing through the summer months. Lexus gets on well with other horses and is happy to live with both mares and geldings. She can live out 24/7 or be stabled as part of a routine with her companion.

It will take someone really special to see the potential in this sweet, loving little mare and give her the forever home she really needs.

suggested loan donation: £60