Rehome Me: Jammie Dodger

Dodger came to HorseWorld after the RSPCA seized several horses that were being neglected. It was soon clear there was something not quite right with him physically as he was uncoordinated in his back end and was showing signs of weakness . A veterinary examination concluded he was Ataxic. This diagnosis ruled out any chance of him going on to ridden work. But, it was confirmed that with careful handling, he would have a future as a companion horse.

Dodger soon found a loving home where he spent several years. Unfortunately, he had to return to HorseWorld and is now looking for a new loan home. He is a very sweet horse who is easy to do and generally gets on with other horses, although he can be dominant. He is happy to live out all year round and can be left alone for short periods of time so could make a good companion to a ridden horse.

Due to his Ataxia, Dodger will need 6 monthly vet checks to ensure that his condition is not deteriorating; but, he generally copes very well and it does not currently affect his daily life.