Rehome Me: Gemma

Gemma came to HorseWorld in 2010 as part of large-scale rescue involving 36 ponies. The ponies had been kept in unimaginable conditions, and Gemma was severely underweight and unhandled. She went on to make a great recovery and was lucky enough to spend a few years out on a loving loan home.However, through no fault of her own, Gemma had to return to us and so she is now looking for her new forever home as a companion.

Gemma is prone to weight gain and requires restricted grazing so is looking for a home with a horse/pony of similar grazing requirements. She is a friendly horse that will happily live with both mares and/or geldings and is happy to either live out 24/7 or be stabled as part of a routine.

She is a very sweet mare but can be nervous of new people, new situations and is not the fondest of the vet! But this is something we believe can be improved through calm and patient handling where she can learn to build up her trust and confidence.