Welcome to HorseWorld’s Fostering Scheme!

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We are looking for knowledgeable and experienced people to offer temporary homes to some of our rescued youngsters and to help them in their journey from rescue to rehabilitation. Our innovative Discovery programme can offer some of our rescued horses a great future helping vulnerable and disadvantaged young people and we are looking for unique foster homes that can help provide a safe and knowledgeable space for the young horses to allow them to grow and develop which is a crucial part of their journey into Discovery. At the end of the Foster Loan, the horse will return to HorseWorld with the hope that they will be backed and go on to join our Discovery Programme. HorseWorld will provide some financial support for the duration of the loan; covering all veterinary, dental and chiropractic costs.

Foster loans help to provide vital handling, basic training, and care to horses that have been selected by our expert team for the Discovery programme; Thereby helping to reduce capacity on the farm and free up crucial space and resources for us to rescue more animals in need. A foster loaner would also be helping a rescued animal find a new lease of life and be a vital part of that animal’s journey from rescue to rehabilitation. We hope that all of our rescued young horses and ponies have bright futures ahead of them with the right care and training, and we need your help to achieve this.

Please note, we have a foster loan radius of approximately 1-hour drive from our yard based in Bristol. If you are unsure as to whether you are within this radius, please contact the team and they will be happy to advise you.

If you think Foster loaning could be for you, then please read through our fostering criteria and fill out an application form below.

To apply, fill out the application form and send to rehoming@horseworld.org.uk

Postal Applications can be sent to: Amy Rehoming, Delmar Hall, Keynes Farm, Staunton Lane, Whitchurch, Bristol BS14 0QL