Rehome Me: Charlie (Cob)

Charlie was rescued by HorseWorld in 2019 along with 3 other boys of similar ages to him. The group were extremely malnourished and underweight. Thankfully, due to Charlie's friendly and inquisitive nature, the team were able to work with him quickly to help with his recovery and rehabilitation.

Since his arrival, Charlie has shown signs of Ataxia (meaning a lack of coordination or control during movements, such as walking). He has had a full vetting and his ataxia has been graded at a level 2 (out of a possible 6), which is considered mild. It also means that he is slightly slower at processing things, such as aids to speed up or slow down, and is therefore unable to be ridden or brought into work.

Charlie is a very lovely boy that loves attention, he’s always the first to greet you at the gate! He’s good to catch, groom etc. Due to his ataxia, he does need somebody to be patient when it comes to picking up his feet/seeing the farrier as he needs time to balance himself and coordinate his legs. Besides this, he’s a really lovely boy and very easy to do!

Charlie gets on well with other horses and can be kept in a mixed herd. Currently his diet is only mildly restricted through the spring/summer, but this may change in the future as he gets older. On the few times that we have tested him staying alone, he has been very well behaved, so we think Charlie could make a good companion for a ridden horse.