Rehome Me: Champers

Champers was born to a HorseWorld mare while out on a loan home. As breeding is against our re-homing policy, both the mare and foal were seized back. When she was three years old Champers went to a new loan home, where she stayed for a number of years. During this time she was backed to be ridden. Unfortunately, as she got older Champers started displaying behavioural problems whilst being ridden. After investigation, it was discovered that she was suffering with physical issues. The decision was therefore made for Champers to retire from ridden work. She returned to HorseWorld shortly after.

Champers is now looking for a new loan home as a non-ridden companion. She prefers to live out as much as possible and can become difficult to handle if stabled for a long period of time. She enjoys living in a herd and generally gets on with most other horses. She requires restricted grazing in the spring and summer months due to being prone to weight gain. We are looking for an experienced loaner for Champers, due to her quirky temperament.