Arr: 27.07.19

DOB: May 2019
Colour: Piebald
Breed: Cob X
Sex: Filly

Calypso was rescued in July 2019, after being illegally grazed on council land. She came in with her mother, Epona and another mare and foal, Athena and Apollo. Calypso is the younger foal out of the two, believed to be born in June 2019. Like Epona, Calypso was very cautious of humans and never wanted to interact when we entered their field. It took a couple of weeks, and encouragement from her friend Apollo, for her to become comfortable around us.

We have started Calypso’s initial handling and we are building that up slowly. She still has a lot of growing up to do; she is out with other foals so they can grow together, with a nanny mare to teach them the basics.

Calypso’s sparky character is starting to show and we very much look forward to watching her grow.