Rehome Me: Beth

This little mare was rescued in 2012 with her foal Mischief. They were in a group of 9 Shetlands, all underweight and riddled with lice.

Beth spent a couple years settling in here at HorseWorld and getting back to good health, before being rehomed as a companion pony. Unfortunately, she has recently returned following some health issues. She has become increasingly more sensitive to the sugars in grass, coming down with bouts of laminitis. When she arrived back at HorseWorld, Beth's feet were x-rayed and the vet and farrier worked together to ensure she made a quick recovery. Beth has made great progress and she is now out 24/7. Though, her diet continues to be managed to keep the sugar levels low. Beth is now looking for a home with someone who can keep her on a track system or on appropriate restricted grazing.

Beth is a sweet mare and is very good to handle. She gets on well with other ponies and can go out with mares and geldings. Beth does suffer from sweet-itch, but this is only mild and can be managed with a sweet-itch rug.