Rehome me: Berry

Berry came to HorseWorld in July of 2020 after she was discovered to have been living in a family’s garden in the area surrounding a swimming pool. The family had no knowledge or experience of caring for horses and quickly found themselves overwhelmed. Thankfully, Berry never ventured into the swimming pool, and made it into the safe care of HorseWorld. On arrival, Berry had problems with her liver and required immediate treatment. The team kept a close eye on her and monitored her levels often. Thankfully, due to our quick intervention, Berry's health has massively improved and she is now ready to be rehomed.

It was clear to us that Berry knew the basics when it came to handling, but initially she was displaying anxious behaviours due to being mistreated in the past. Since being at HorseWorld and given consistent, 1-2-1 handling, Berry has learnt to trust in people again and is now much more relaxed and happier to be handled.

Berry gets on well with other horses and can live in a mixed herd. She can live out 24/7 and requires restricted grazing to manage her weight. She is generally good to handle, although she has been known to have the occasional nibble in the past. This is something that the grooms have been working hard to correct, and she very rarely does now.

Overall, Berry is a very sweet pony that deserves to find her forever home.

Berry has the potential to be introduced to work/become a ridden pony in the future. Her weight limit is set at 6 stone.