Spring has sprung at HorseWorld with arrival of brand new baby

Spring really is in the air at HorseWorld with the arrival of this little bundle of joy!

Buttons (5).JPGButtons was born on the morning of Easter Monday. His mum was pregnant with him when we rescued her back in September 2020. She came to us as part of a group of 5 who were in desperate need of veterinary care, good food, careful handling, and a safe place to finally call home.

Two of the mares were pregnant when we rescued them and all were very scared of people. It was essential that our Welfare Team quickly but very gently got the whole group, and especially the mums-to-be, happy to be handled so that when the babies were born we could do all the necessary health checks.

We'd hate to think what could have happened if we hadn't been able to rescue the group when we did and would love to tell you more, but right now the case is still going through the courts and sharing any information before it concludes could jeopardise any prosecutions.

Buttons (10).JPGIt's not unusual for us to have horses on site who we can't speak about publicly. We are always desperate to show you the very real difference your support is making every day, and the equine lives we're saving. As soon as we can share those stories we will.

But for now, rest assured that YOU have given Buttons the best start in life he could have wished for. It's awful to think about what could have happened to this little chap, and his mum, if we hadn't been able to rescue them.

Please make a donation today if you can, to help us be there for more horses like Buttons, and ensure that they have the second chance for a happy life that they all deserve.

Posted on: 12th April 2021