Preventing Kindness from Killing

Here at HorseWorld we want to keep as many horses safe as possible. We have been distressed to see more and more social media posts, and hear reports, of horses dying after seemingly being fed by passers-by.

The reality is that whilst horses look fairly robust on the outside they're actually incredibly sensitive on the inside. Even a tiny amount of the wrong food can be catastrophic causing fatal digestive complications, serious issues with underlying health problems, or even choking.

We want to help more owners keep their horses safe so have produced some A4 posters for owners to print at home and display on their fences and/or gates.

Please click on the images below to download that version:

Red background do not feed our horses.jpgWhite background do not feed our horses.jpgBlack and white do not feed our horses.jpg

Posted on: 18th January 2021