Bambam and Buttons come nose to nose with the law

Mike meeting Buttons.jpgBristol based Equine Charity, HorseWorld had a visit from some very special guests last week. Avon and Somerset Police Horses, PH Mike ridden by PC Tracey Small and PH Trinity ridden by PC Naomi Gane.

They came to meet HorseWorld donkeys Benjamin, Cowslip, Barnaby and Patty. Mike has previously shown a fear of our long eared friends and his rider, PC Tracey Small felt he would benefit from some gentle desensitization training.

Two other HorseWorld residents who were very interested to say hello to the police horses were Bambam and Buttons. The youngsters were born at HorseWorld in the spring of 2021 after their pregnant mothers were rescued the autumn before.

PC Tracey Small who rides PH Mike, took a shine to Bambam and Buttons after she saw them on the charity's website. She decided she would like to rehome them through HorseWorld’s Rehoming Scheme and the mischievous pair who have been inseparable since birth will shortly be leaving for their new home together with Tracey soon.

Rehabilitation and rehoming of horses rescued is central to HorseWorld’s work and horse welfare is paramount. The visit from Avon & Somerset mounted unit came a week after a new law protecting animal welfare was passed after receiving formal Royal Assent. The Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill recognises that animals are complex living and feeling beings and as a result their welfare must be taken into consideration and protected.
Mike meeting Buttons and Bambam 4.jpg
Avon and Somerset Police Horses have been very supportive of HorseWorld’s rescue and rehabilitation work in the past and in return, the horse charity have offered a safe and happy home to retiring police horses. This has also benefited the training of rescued horses as most police hoses that are ready to retire are still able to be ridden gently for a short time and can act as a calm and confident escort horse when introducing newly trained horses to the roads for the first time.

Avon and Somerset Police Horses will hopefully be making an appearance HorseWorld’s 70th Anniversary Open Day on 30th July (conditions allowing). Visitors will be able to meet the rescued horses, find out more about the charity’s work and have a great day out.

Visit to find out more about this event and buy tickets.

Article by: Amy Williams

Posted on: 27th May 2022