Emaciated horse Sydney loses his fight to survive

Sid looking handsome in field.jpgAt the beginning of June, we rescued a thoroughbred type horse who had been discovered with horrific wounds over his withers. He was wearing a rug which had clearly not been removed or checked for many months and it had worn deep into his skin causing huge, infected sores and immense pain.

The sweet-natured gelding was estimated to be in his twenties. He was extremely emaciated and weak. He had clearly been badly neglected for quite some time. Two other horses were also rescued from the same location but their condition was not as bad.
On arrival at HorseWorld, the Vet put the gelding named Sydney onto a program of intensive care. For weeks, Sydney’s wounds were flushed twice a day by the Grooms. He also had various creams prescribed to try and aid the healing process and numerous courses of antibiotics to try and fight the chronic infection that had taken hold. Sydney remained a calm, kind Gentleman allowing the HorseWorld team to help him despite everything he had been through.

Despite all our best efforts and extensive veterinary treatment, it soon became apparent that the infection had spread into Sydney’s bones. Even with the intensive care and high levels of pain relief medication he was receiving, Syd was showing the team that he was in more and more discomfort. Whilst he still had the occasional good day where he would happily graze and roll in the field, his bad days were getting worse and more frequent. All viable options had been tried and it was clear that the only option left to prevent any further suffering was to put him to sleep. 
Sid (1).jpg
(Pictured right: Sydney on arrival at HorseWorld)

“Syd was such a special horse. You could tell from his character that at one time in his life he had been well cared for by someone,” said Welfare Manager Sarah Hollister. “We always pour our hearts and souls into our horses, but Syd is one that we’ll never forget. It’s not the ending to Syd’s story that we desperately wanted but we can take comfort in knowing that at least for the last few months of his life he could remember how it felt to be loved.” 

Rescued horses like Sydney need very special care and facilities to give them the best possible chance for a brighter future. He is one of many that HorseWorld rescue every year. If you’d like to donate and be a part of the rehabilitation of rescued horses, please visit www.horseworld.org.uk/safe to find out how.

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Article by: Amy Williams

Posted on: 1st December 2020