Neglected Shetland Pony Rescued

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A Shetland pony with horrifically overgrown hooves has been rescued and is now looking forward to a much brighter future.

Equine rescue charity, HorseWorld were contacted by the RSPCA about a Shetland pony called Charlie that they had removed from a neglectful home near Yatton.

Charlie was not on the correct grazing for his breed and size which had resulted in him developing Laminitis, a condition that causes inflammation in the body. This inflammation results in excruciatingly painful damage to the delicate structures inside the hoof. To make matters worse, he also hadn’t had his feet trimmed for a very long time. They had grown and twisted into a distorted shape resembling Aladdin’s slippers.

The sweet-natured Shetland pony is being kept on a soft surface and managed very carefully under veterinary advice as he was in a lot of pain. His diet has had to be specially tailored towards his rehabilitation.

“Depending on his recovery, we hope that Charlie may eventually be able to take part in our Discovery Courses" Said HorseWorld’s Welfare Yard Manager, Sarah Hollister. "Rescued horses work alongside vulnerable children and those who are outside of mainstream schooling to build confidence, self-esteem and communication skills. Charlie has the perfect temperament for it.

"He’s still in the process of rehabilitation at the moment. It is essential that we are able to provide him with the comfortable, safe environment he needs to give him the best possible chance of making a full recovery.”

HorseWorld are currently running an appeal to raise the funds to replace the worn-out, damaged rubber flooring in the stables which will make an enormous difference to the rehabilitation of rescued horses like Charlie for many years to come.

"We ran an appeal earlier in the year to fund the replacement of the rubber flooring in the Isolation hospital unit and we were very grateful indeed that our generous supporters responded." Said Fundraising Officer, Amy Williams. "Now we are trying to bring the rest of the stable yard up to the same standard so that horses with long-term problems can have the same level of safety and comfort once they have completed their quarantine period and are able to leave the Isolation unit.

“Very sick horses or those with painful feet like Charlie need to be able to lie down comfortably without scraping through to a cold, hard floor. Weak horses who need soft flooring under their straw or shavings bedding so that if they fall, they are less likely to hurt themselves. Horses with respiratory problems who need a dust-free environment. Lame animals who need a supportive surface to stand on to help relieve their discomfort whilst they recover, the list of benefits to rescued horses goes on and on.

“If you would like to be a part of this big project that will literally benefit hundreds, even thousands of rescued horses for years to come, please go to

Article by: Amy Williams

Posted on: 2nd November 2020