Building Our Evidence

1-67.jpgAt HorseWorld we are about to embark on an exciting period of growth – one that will be grounded in our foundations of offering the second chance for a happy life to horses and humans alike.

This new development will start with our Discovery Programme and, as all growth needs to begin from a strong evidence base, are looking for an independent evaluator to help inform and guide us in this new chapter of Discovery’s story.

“Since we started rescuing horses in 1952 HorseWorld has given a second chance to hundreds of abandoned, abused and neglected equines. Whether their future was to be re-homed or retired, we did all we could to ensure they had a brighter future,” said HorseWorld’s Chief Executive Petra Ingram.

“In 2007 our Discovery Programme was created and providing the opportunity for a second chance was extended; not only to our rescued horses, but also to local children and young people who were having difficulties accessing mainstream education.”

Through sessions with trained facilitators and specially selected rescued horses, the students were able to build the everyday skills, belief and self-confidence to help them better cope with life.

Over the last 13 years Discovery has continued to develop and evolve. Now around 200 students benefit from the programme every year and the results have proved to be life changing. For many young people Discovery has enabled, empowered and supported them to transform in ways that nothing else has.

“We know there are many more young people in the community who need the unique support Discovery can offer. There has been a significant increase in demand for places on the courses as unfortunately there are more young people than ever who are struggling with mainstream education and the challenges they are now facing with Covid only adds to this need. It is essential we build our evidence base and start planning how the programme can grow, so we can give more young people the second chance for a brighter future,” said Petra.

We are looking for an independent evaluator to undertake a short-term consultancy for a review of the Discovery Programme. If you or someone you know may have the skills we need, additional information can be found here including how to apply.

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Posted on: 1st October 2020