Tricks, treats and tails: Halloween at HorseWorld will be frighteningly good fun!

Halloween Website Page Header.png

The horses and humans at HorseWorld are getting ready for a Halloween packed with competitions, costumes, spooks, surprises, some tricks and perhaps a little treat here and there...

...and you’re invited to join in too!

All the action will be happening on our Facebook page, with more fun stuff on Instagram, so make sure you’re connected to us there.

Dracula doing Dressage? A phantom in your field? A ghostly gelding?

We want to see your equine pal dressed ready for the spooky season. They could be in fancy dress or just rocking a look that’s seasonal and sensational. We’ll be asking you to share your pics on our Facebook page (so keep an eye out for when the competition opens) and we’ll be sharing them on Instagram too.

This is all just for fun, but our three favourites will win a HorseWorld goodie bag including a 12 month adoption pack, so start thinking about how your favourite horsey chum could transform into something awesome and Autumnal.

Some of the HorseWorld herd will be showing off their favourite outfits too, so keep an eye out for a bunch of embarrassed-looking horses all over our social media channels. Please send them some love to make them feel better....!

The Apple Bobbing Challenge

Just how much does your pony love their apples? Enough to bob for one?!

Of course, we all know that treats need to be fed carefully and in moderation, but just how quickly do you think your equine pal could get an apple out of a big bucket of water?

We’ll be giving the challenge to some of the HorseWorld herd and seeing who will be crowned Champion Apple Bobber. Look out for our videos on social media, and why not see if your horsey hero can do better?

Spooky Spook Busting

Our agility course has been given a seriously spooky make-over to challenge the bravest members of the HorseWorld herd.

Who willtackle the petrifying poles of peril?

Can they keep calm through the creepy curtain?

Will the sneering swinging spider prove just too scary?

Look out on social media for videos of our excellent equines (and their heroic handlers) testing their nerve and enjoying some Halloween high jinks!

If you send us an entry to the fancy dress competition you may find fame in our newsletter too! To keep up with all of HorseWorld's latest news, and learn how your support makes a huge difference to the rescued horses, ponies and donkeys who need us, sign up in the box at the bottom of this page.

Posted on: 30th September 2020