Rescued Shire horse needs surgery

A Shire horse rescued by Bristol-based horse welfare charity, HorseWorld is in need of surgery costing around £3,000. Lolly was part of a big rescue operation involving 19 Shire horses in November 2017.

5-year-old Lolly has been battling with neurological problems since her arrival and has now progressed to a stage where she is doing really well. However, she now has a different problem. One of her molar teeth is coming through twisted.
Assistant Yard Manager, Vicky Greenslade explains “Even in the short space of time this tooth has begun twisting, it has created a gap which becomes packed with food and is causing infection. The vet has temporarily plugged the gap with putty but the tooth needs extracting. Standing at 17.2hh and weighing the best part of a ton, she’s pretty huge which brings its own complications where anaesthetic is concerned so Lolly will have to go to the veterinary clinic to have this carried out. As the tooth is young, it will have a big root so it will likely be around £3,000 for her to have this operation.

“With over 100 rescued horses on site, you can imagine our vet bills are pretty huge anyway. This is on top of all the day-to-day care, feed, treatments, equipment etc and all of the outgoings that are associated to running a busy rescue centre which total £1.2 million every year. Donations towards Lolly’s surgery are very gratefully accepted. Any funds we raise that aren't spent on her surgery will go towards the care of the other rescued horses here at HorseWorld.”

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Article by: Amy Williams

Posted on: 6th February 2020