Weather takes its toll on HorseWorld Charity Open Day

Horse rescue charity forced to cancel open day planned for Saturday 19th October.

Fundraising blow will have significant impact on expected rise in welfare cases over winter.

Demands on charity’s resources increase while rescue teams struggle to respond to calls to help horses in need.

HorseWorld have been forced to cancel the open day, scheduled for 19th October, due to the recent bad weather conditions.

Daily rainfall over the last two weeks has left the centre’s fields too muddy to be used for essential car-parking and with more rain forecast for days to come, the charity was left with no option but to cancel one of their biggest fundraising events of the year.

“Cancelling the event is a massive blow for the charity." said Mark Owen, HorseWorld’s Managing Director . "Our open days are not just an opportunity for our fantastic supporters, and our great local community, to come and see the charities work first-hand, but they are also essential dates in our fundraising calendar.”

The charity expected to raise at least £8,000 from the event; a significant amount for the organisation which would have gone a long way towards meeting the winter feed bills.

Cancelling the event could not have come at a worse time for the organisation as they are about to enter the busiest time of their year with demands on resources at an annual high. HorseWorld are already nearing maximum capacity at their site where they are currently caring for over 100 rescued equines.

Sarah Hollister, Equine Welfare Manager said “As the weather starts getting worse, the number of horses in urgent need of rescue increases. Grass becomes scarcer, so owners often have to start paying for extra feed or hay for their horses. With dropping temperatures, horses which are living out in fields all the time will need extra care otherwise they’ll quickly lose weight and be more prone to illness and infections. Some owners don’t have the resources to do this, or they make the decision not to.

“We know that over the next few weeks we’ll be getting more calls to the welfare team, there will be more requests for help from other charities and we are going to be hard-pressed on all fronts.”

In an attempt to make up for the loss in donations from the event, the charity is asking supporters to make a donation in lieu of what they would have contributed on the day.

“We appreciate that our supporters will be just as disappointed as we are, and they already do so much to ensure that we can get to the horses which need us the most,” commented Mark.

“After this blow any donation, however small, that they could make would go a long way in supporting our efforts to help as many horses as we’re able over the tough winter months ahead. We are always very grateful for any extra support we can get.”

Anyone wishing to make a donation can do so via

Article by: Meg Jackson

Posted on: 11th October 2019