Buddy Scheme!

Rescued pony begins a career helping disadvantaged children on HorseWorld’s Discovery courses. The Discovery programme gives children with additional needs the chance to work with the rescued horses and learn new skills in a non-classroom setting.

Buddy was rescued in 2011 after a member of the public found him wandering in her back garden. At first glance it was obvious something was wrong, despite wearing a rug it was clear that the pony was agonisingly thin and covered in open sores. HorseWorld, together with the RSPCA, stepped in to rescue the pony, by the time they were ready with the lorry to bring him to safety he had collapsed and the team weren’t sure if he would make it.

Once he was at HorseWorld the pony, now named Buddy by staff, received emergency veterinary care. He was given fluids and needed a blood transfusion. But most shocking was Buddy’s weight, he weighed a third of what he should have done and he had a body condition score of just 0.5. Luckily, Buddy was a fighter and against the odds he began to gain some strength and eventually put on some weight. 6 months into his rehabilitation and Buddy was unrecognisable, he had made a full recovery and was loving playing with his new friends at HorseWorld.

Once Buddy was old enough he began to be trained as a ridden pony. He proved to be very laid-back and gentle and staff thought that he’s make the perfect edition to the Discovery team. All horses have a unique personality, just like the children who attend HorseWorld’s Discovery courses. Each pony can teach a child something different and Buddy has lots of lessons to pass on. His difficult start in life resonates with some of the children who have had troubled times in their past. Buddy can also sometimes be a bit cheeky which teaches the children how to calmly but firmly ask a horse to stand still or allow them to pick out his feet.

Sharon, Discovery course leader, said: “Buddy has come through so much hardship and he got a second chance at life because of HorseWorld. That’s what we want to give to the children on our discovery courses, a chance to flourish in a safe environment.”

If you want to know more about HorseWorld and the Discovery courses please visit: www.horseworld.org.uk or you can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Article by: Keeley Mitson

Posted on: 15th May 2019