Supporters go above and beyond to help Shire horse with no tail

Last month, we appealed to supporters for help buying a special fly rug for a very large Shire horse that we had rescued.

“We wanted to raise £70 to buy the fly rug for Dime as she has no tail.” said HorseWorld’s Assistant Yard Manager, Vicky Greenslade. “Her tail is docked to almost nothing so she cannot relieve herself of the flies that pester and bite horses during the summer months. It’s not just the hair but the actual bone inside the tail that has been removed so it won’t grow back. We don’t know if this was done for cosmetic or working reasons or whether it was due to an accident. Dime was part of a rescue of 19 abandoned Shire Horses last November so we don’t know as much about her history as we’d like.

“Thank you to everyone who generously donated to Dime’s fly rug appeal. Our initial ask was for £70 but more than £1,200 was raised in just 12 days! We are absolutely astounded by the kindness of our supporters. This has enabled us to also buy new fly rugs for a couple of other rescued horses that suffer from fly and midge allergies and irritations, keeping them comfortable during the summer months. Dime looks so much more relaxed and comfortable now she has her lovely new rug, and so do the other ponies that were in need of one. Extra funds raised will be used to care for and feed the 104 rescued horses on site so will be a big help.”

“Dime’s rug was supplied by The Big Horse Shop who did their upmost to get the rug here as quickly as possible and also kindly donated Dime a fly mask to keep her head free from flies too, so thank you also to The Big Horse Shop.”

If you would like to make a donation to help the rescued horses, please click here

Below; A video of Dime trying to rid herself of flies with her almost non-existent tail before she had her new rug.

Posted on: 10th July 2018