"Thanks a Ton!" Rescue charity, HorseWorld receives a donation of a new weighbridge

HorseWorld were in desperate need of a new weighbridge, a piece of equipment to accurately measure the weight of a horse. Horse and pet insurance company, Animal Friends stepped in to help buy the expensive piece of kit after the old weighbridge had failed.
“We are very grateful for this generous donation and we’d like to thank Animal Friends for stepping in.” said Fundraising Manager, Stephen Poole. “The weighbridge is an essential item for a rescue charity as we need to keep accurate records of an animal’s weight during their rehabilitation and then ensure they stay at a healthy weight from then on. At a cost of £6,720, this would have been a difficult cost for the charity to meet.
“When a horse is rescued from neglect, accurate weight records can form part of the court case if the owner is prosecuted. It is also very important that we can monitor a horse’s steady progress if they have been severely over or underweight on arrival. Building or losing weight too quickly or too slowly can cause serious setbacks in the horse’s rehabilitation.
“Animal Friends Pet Insurance have been great supporters of HorseWorld in the past and have helped when we’ve really needed it. When we rescued a young foal named Felix from horrific neglect, they donated £6,000 to help us nurse him back to health. They have also donated £15,000 to help us build an all-weather surface paddock which has been a massive help in all seasons and £10,000 from a competition where our supporters voted for HorseWorld to win.”
Jessica Mackie and Ben Hanson from Animal Friends were invited to visit HorseWorld to see how their donations have been used to help the rescued animals.
“Over the years we have supported HorseWorld on a number of occasions,” said Jessica. “We have always been impressed by the distinct passion of every single staff-member and volunteer. It’s clear how essential the weighbridge is to everything the employees and volunteers do for the animals, so we were proud to step in and help.”

The new weighbridge will be on show to the public at HorseWorld’s Charity Open Day on Saturday 24th June. To find out more, visit www.horseworld.org.uk/events or call 01275 832425

Posted on: 23rd June 2017