A second chance for Chance

In January, horse rescue charity, HorseWorld was called to take in a young stallion known as Chance that had been grazed on areas of council land including public parks and recreation areas in Knowle, Bristol.

Chance’s owner was struggling to keep him as no stable yard wanted an un-castrated stallion. He was examined by B&W Equine Vets in November 2016 and found to have a retained testicle. This was most likely what was causing the stallion-like behaviour but, castrating him would involve a costly operation.Chance found himself homeless and living alone on small pockets of council land.

Without the company of other horses, his emotional wellbeing was compromised and his behaviour became gradually more erratic and dangerous. He had become a danger to himself and members of the public as he had been known to bite and show unpredictable behaviour. A single strand of electric tape fencing, which was not electrified, was all that was being used in an effort to contain him.

His future was looking very uncertain. Finding a home for a horse, in need of such extensive and expensive veterinary treatment and who had also demonstrated dangerous behaviour, would not be easy.

That’s when HorseWorld stepped in to offer Chance the chance he so desperately needed.A group of local people had begun fundraising towards the cost of his operation in the hope that someone would be able to offer him a home if they could help with his costs.

Kezzie Bose, Sarah Franks and Kim Waxman raised £269 towards Chance’s operation and care. They came to visit Chance and present the cheque to HorseWorld on Saturday 18th March 2017.

“Chance is looking really healthy and a lot happier” said Kim. “Absolutely beautiful, you’ve done a really good job with him.”

Sarah said “I’m stunned at the difference in him. HorseWorld gave him a chance when they could have just said no, he’s too dangerous. He’s like a different horse now.”

Chance’s care and rehabilitation will be on-going. If you would like to make a donation to HorseWorld, please visit www.horseworld.org.uk or call 01275 893020.

Posted on: 29th March 2017